Trio de Curda ‎– Liber Tango

Trio de Curda ‎– Liber Tango


Master Quality Reel Tape

Essential album for audiophiles: The wonderful Trio de Curda performs a program of Tango and Latin music, built around Astor Piazzolla’s monumental “Libertango”, which gives this album its name.

New 2020 Analog Release On Reel Tape. Recorded “off-the-floor” on 1/4″ Analog Tape on a Nagra IV-S Tape Recorder in CCIR eq curve, with no overdubs and no editing. This is a wonderful, spontaneous, direct recording by René Laflamme at L’Église St-Jean Baptiste in Montreal on October 28, 2019. Only one Neumann Stereo Tube Microphone (SM69) was used in the Pure Blumlein microphone technique. Extremely Limited Quantities. Master quality reel tape recorded each tape one at a time, to 1/4" half-track stereo, at 15ips IEC. Nothing sounds better than music on audio reel to reel tape.

The 2xHD team proud to announce the receipt of two prestigious 2020 Awards: THE POSITIVE FEEDBACK 2020 PRODUCT OF THE YEAR AWARD was given for Audiophile Analog Collection Vol 2 for Release on Reel Master Tape and HIGH FIDELITY’s BEST RECORDING 2020 Award was bestowed on 2xHD for two pure analog recordings: Audiophile Analog Collection Vol 1 and Audiophile Analog Collection Vol 2. Feel The Warmth!

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